Looking For High Risk Auto Insurance?

Finding “affordable” auto insurance for high risk drivers (commonly known as non standard auto insurance) is like finding a needle in a haystack. Although, your options in getting an auto insurance policy as a high risk driver are expensive but very much available. High risk auto insurance is available at higher premium rates than normal as we will discuss below in this article. In fact, you as a high risk driver can reduce the cost of auto insurance by knowing some guidelines. If you are a high risk driver then you can take advantage of assigned risk pools for high risk drivers in each state. Opt for non standard auto insurance. Utilize policy limits of your car insurance, in other words reducing the coverage on your current standard car insurance policy by opting for paying your monthly premium depending on your monthly or annual mileage. Now let us explore in detail…


I can assume that you are already termed as a high risk driver due to any one or many reasons mentioned below.

  • Convicted for DUI (Driving Under Influence) or DWI. For more information you can check this article:
  • If your driving license is suspended and you require an SR 22 insurance policy to get it reinstated.
  • Many a times it’s not just a driving offense which makes you a high risk driver but if you are an elderly person above 70 years then many insurance company will look at you as a high risk individual. Having said that, many may also consider you as an experienced driver and offer you car high risk auto insurance at affordable rates.

Where To Find High Risk Auto Insurance?


High Risk Auto Insurance Options

1) Utilizing Your State Assigned Risk Pools: Each state in US has their owned assigned risk pools where the state government makes it compulsory for auto insurance companies to provide high risk auto insurance quotes to individuals who are denied standard auto insurance. You may also want to check my other article on obtaining SR22 insurance policy which is a proof that you have obtained. Assigned risk pools provides you with the opportunity of having auto insurance when you have been rejected from auto insurance companies. The company which is rejected your application for standard car insurance will provide you with a form which you need to fill and submit. The insurance company will pass on your application to the assigned risk pool organization in your state and you will be given high risk auto insurance policy. How long will you be spending time in this assigned category of high risk drivers will be covered later in this article.

2) Buying A Non Standard Auto Insurance Policy: This type of car insurance is meant for people who are looking for high risk auto insurance. The premiums are high as compared to a standard auto insurance. Just to keep fundamentals clear, non standard auto insurance is totally different from assigned risk pools. Non standard insurance policy is a dealing between you and the insurance company ONLY with no intervention of the government.

3) Consider Group Auto Insurance Policy: If you are young driver who falls under a high risk category for insurance companies then this might be a good option for you. One of the ways is to get on to your family auto insurance plan. The disadvantage of this plan is that it is not available in all the states. As far as my knowledge goes, Vermont is the only state which provides comprehensive group auto insurance policies so you will have to check with an insurance agent.

4) Cutting Down On Coverage Limits To Reduce Costs: As a high risk driver, you can opt to pay your monthly auto insurance premium as per the amount of time you drive. Many insurance companies may offer a limited standard car insurance policy where you are paying as per mileage used. This is also known as “Pay Per Mileage Drive” kind of insurance contract.


How Soon Can You Get Out Of High Risk Auto Insurance Driver Category?

Well, the answer to this question lies in your own hands. How cautious will you be in driving to avoid any traffic violations and tickets. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Follow traffic rules and abide by them at all times. By doing this, you will keep your driving records in check and come out of the high risk drivers category. No one can give you a stipulated time though.

Checklist To Avoid High Risk Auto Insurance

  • Always keep a thorough check on your driving record. This can be obtained at your state Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.
  • If caught for any kind of driving or traffic violation, clear all your fines as soon as possible. Never keep them pending.
  • If you are already a high risk driver, then change to a cheaper car which help you to reduce your auto insurance cost and also to avoid accidents since you are driving a less powerful car.
  • Many times, if you have more than one car registered under your name then you may get discounted rates in premium as a high risk driver.

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