Discounts And Money Saving Tips Auto Insurance

The ultimate advice which anyone
can give you to save money on auto insurance is to research and shop around till you get the closest deal fulfilling your requirement and budget. If you already have car insurance, which ideally should be the case, then you should check car insurance rates online or through an independent auto insurance broker every year to ensure if you can save money on car insurance through latest offers and discounts. You can also do your bit of research on every renewal of your car insurance policy. Your credit score also pays a major role in your car insurance cost. If you have been able to improve your credit score since your last policy renewal then you should check rates again. You might be able to get a discounted rate based on your new score. The discounts available on car insurance below might not be available in all states and with all providers but it is always a good idea to check before you buy.


Top 10 Tips To Save Money On Car Insurance In 2018

Save Money On Car Insurance Tip No 1 – You profession can attract discount.

Individuals belonging to specific profession attract discount from car insurance companies.

Educators and teachers. Fire Responders. Medical Professionals. Individuals serving in the military. Engineers and even Scientists may be offered discounts. The idea is to always ask for profession based discounts from the company. These discounts come in various forms. Like waiving off deductible in specific scenarios or extra coverage based on your profession. Insurance companies know which job profile would need less driving hence less chances of being involved in an accident. This means less risk. You might ask, what if I am self employed. You may be still eligible for a discount if you work from home and travel less. You can also opt for usage based car insurance


Save Money On Car Insurance Tip No 2 – Improved Credit Score

1 or 2 years is a good time to improve your credit score. If you have been successful in doing that, then its about time you revisit your car insurance offers. You should be eligible for a discount based on your revised and improved credit rating. Credit score is often related to “financial stability discounts” which the car insurance companies offer. Your credit score is directly related to the risk you offer as a customer.

Save Money On Car Insurance Tip No 3 – Defence Personnel’s

If you are serving in the military you are eligible for discounts and you can save money on your car insurance premiums. Even if your are a student looking for

cheap car insurance for young drivers

, and taking part in a commissioning program like ROTC you could avail discounts.

Save Money On Car Insurance Tip No 4 – Memberships Of Fraternities Attract Discounts

In college if you have been a part of a fraternity or sorority then you can avail affinity discounts through affiliate programs run by these membership organizations in alliance with car insurance providers.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Tip No 5 – Increase Your Deductible

Increasing your deductible can reduce your monthly premium however it will only be beneficial if you keep the money saved for long run.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Tip No 6 – Choosing The Right Voluntary Excess Amount

If you drive your car frequently or have a history of an involvement in a car accident then you should pay more towards your voluntary excess amount. This will lower your premium. Voluntary access is the amount which you are liable to pay if you are found guilty of damage in a car accident. If the damage done amounts to a $1000 and your voluntary excess is $400 then your car insurance company will only pay you the remaining $600.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Tip No 7 – Don’t Add Someone Onto Your Policy Unless Necessary

Adding young drivers onto your car insurance policy might not be a good option. Young drivers generally termed as high risk drivers and this may increase your premium considerably.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Tip No 8 – Get Package Deals

Many insurance companies offer great discounts if you are buying multiple policies from them. If your insurance provider offers homeowners and car insurance both then it might be a good idea to purchase both the policies from the same insurer and be eligible for discounted rates.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Tip No 9 – Avoiding Flashy And Sports Vehicles

You can save quite a lot of money if you choose to drive low profile cars. As a matter of fact, each car which is there on the road is divided into groups by car insurance companies to decide your monthly premium amount. The data is even available for the car model which is prone to theft or has the highest stolen rate.

Saving Money On Car Insurance Tip No 10 – Choose your mode of payment wisely

If you choose to pay your monthly premium annually or pay it in one go then you might be offered a discount by your car insurer.

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